Acting 101


Sketchy Kids

Be in a webisode aired on youtuve with an SNL slant for kids

and teens

Short Film Production

Be a part of writing, acting and producing a short film to air

on youtube.

Thinking on your feet, and mastering the art of improv.


Script Interpretations

Scene Study

Creating an audition piece proper selection for the individual.

On camera commercials, slating, and auditioning skills.

Industry Image

Learn poise, manners, etiquette, image, grooming, and skills

needed in the professional world.

Life Skills


Photo Shoot Prep

International Modeling

Advanced Modeling

Movement skills on camera, types of work in the fashion 

industry and the latest runway techniques used today.

Modeling 101

Learn public speaking, job interview techniques, and professional image.

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Preparing for a photo shoot, model bags, posing and facial 

angles, set etiquette.

Learn about markets, designers, model go-sees, showrooms, 

and modeling agents.

Runway on the catwalk, intro to print modeling for photo

shoots, book and cards needed for the industry.


Vocal Production

Stage presence, pitch, range development and audition piece

selection, being a solist, mic techniques, choreography.

Musical production show

Move to the beat with the latest Hip Hop and Jazz, dance 

​routines choreographed  with performances.


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