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About Us

Since 1977, we have been a stepping stone for thousands of up and coming Models, Actors, Singers, Dancers and that continues with Talent Development USA and Talent Showcase Studios.  The corporation continues to modernize every single day, by always learning the latest trends, understanding the current Fashion and Entertainment Market to pass on to our students.  

Talent Development offers so much more than teaching talent the basics of the Fashion, and Entertainment industry.  We go in depth on the industry, the glamorous side and how to really capitalize on your assets.  We offer programs in Modeling, Acting, Singing, Dancing.

Once you have completed training, you will attend the Talent Development Showcase where you can meet Genuine Agents, Managers, Casting Directors, Directors and other Industry Professionals that you can meet with in Los Angeles, New York City, Milan, Paris, and Tokyo.  This is the best, and fastest way to launch your career in the Fashion, and Entertainment Industry.  Instead of meeting one Agent after another for years, you can meet dozens of them in a few days.

In conclusion every member of our staff loves the fact that we are helping someone's dreams come true, and feel confident that they will succeed in the competitve industry, and make themselve's into a brand.